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For more information on Member Savings Accounts please read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for you.


About Member Savings

Employee, Spouse and Rollover members have the opportunity to participate in an accumulation-style account in the APSS, known as Member Savings.

Member Savings in the APSS can be made up of:

You have a choice of investment options for your Member Savings account between Market Return Member Savings or Cash Return Member Savings, or a combination of both. Crediting Rates are used to allocate investment returns (positive or negative) to these accounts. Each investment option has different Crediting Rates. Further information about the Cash Return and Market Return investment options can be found here.

About the Member Savings accounts:

Account type Can be useful if...
Employee Account You are an employee member and wish to open an Employee Account to make additional voluntary contributions to your super from either your before-tax or after-tax salary. You can also transfer money from other super funds into your Employee Account.
Spouse Account You are an employee member, and wish to open an account in the APSS for your spouse. Once opened, the Spouse Account belongs to your spouse. Both you and your spouse can make contributions to the Spouse Account. Your spouse can also transfer money from other super funds into their Spouse Account.
Rollover Account You are an existing employee member looking to retain your super in the APSS after leaving employment with Australia Post or an Associated Employer by opening a Rollover Account. Rollover Accounts are also available for spouse members whose Spouse Account is required to be closed (because they have ceased to be the spouse of an employee member, or the employee member has ceased employment). You can also transfer money from other super funds into your Rollover Account.