Important reminders
  • The EPSC is subject to a minimum that ensures it provides 3% of the  Superannuation Guarantee Accrual Rate.
  • The APSS deducts the balance of any offset accounts established for you from your benefit when it becomes payable.
  • Special rules apply during periods of employer-approved leave without pay.
  • As a CSS member, you are not entitled to any death or TPD benefits in the APSS. These benefits are provided by the CSS.

CSS Defined Benefit

Before the APSS was established in 1990, Australia Post employees had their super in the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS). If you chose to stay in the CSS, you are also a member of the APSS, but you are entitled to a different benefit called the Employee Productivity Superannuation Contribution (EPSC).

If you are a CSS member, your APSS Defined Benefit will depend on your service period before and after 1989:

For more information visit:  www.css.gov.au.