Calculators are a useful way to look at different scenarios and learn what may and may not work for you. However, they will never provide you with an exact answer as they are only estimates. It's always a good idea to discuss your super investments with a licensed financial adviser before making decisions.

You can access these tools, from the Member login section of this website:

Leaving service estimator

Leaving employment with Australia Post or an Associated Employer? This calculator provides you with an estimate of the APSS benefit you would be entitled to if you left employment today (other than for circumstances which would entitle you to an additional death or total and permanent disablement benefit). Of course, your actual benefit entitlement will be based on your details held by APSS at that time.

Retirement Simulator

Are you on track with your retirement goals? If you are a permanent employee member, you can use our Retirement Simulator to estimate your future retirement savings. You can also adjust some of the calculator settings like your retirement age, personal contributions and investment returns to see what a difference this could make to your overall benefit. This tool will also illustrate what income you may have from super and the Government's Age Pension.

MoneySmart Retirement Planner

If you are a Spouse or Rollover member, you can use ASIC's MoneySmart Retirement Planner to work out what income you may have from super and the Age Pension after you retire, and what actions you can take to boost your super and retirement income.