Give us your Tax File Number (TFN)

Superannuation funds are authorised to ask members for their TFN. You do not have to provide your TFN but, if you do not provide it:

  1. We may be required to deduct additional tax (at a rate of 30% plus the Medicare Levy*) from any before-tax contributions made to your Member Savings account.
  2. We won’t be able to accept after-tax contributions to your Member Savings accounts (including co-contributions, if eligible).
  3. We may be required to deduct tax at the top marginal rate (plus the Medicare Levy) on the taxable portion of your benefits (if applicable).
It’s easy to supply your TFN. Just complete a Provide your Tax File Number form and send it to us. You can also provide it over the phone by calling SuperPhone on
1300 360 373.
* This is also affected by the increase in the Medicare Levy and the proposed 'temporary budget repair' levy. For the details see the fact sheet on Superannuation taxes


Consolidating your super

If you've had more than one job, it's more than likely you may have more than one super account. Having more than one super account usually means paying multiple sets of fees and charges, extra paperwork, and greater difficulty in keeping track of your super.

Combining your super accounts can be a fast and easy way to boost your retirement savings. Use the Transfer other super into the APSS form to get started, or call SuperPhone on 1300 360 373 today to help you get your super sorted. You can also go to the ATO’s website and use the SuperSeeker tool to search for any lost super accounts or unclaimed super you may have. 

Before rolling your accounts over though, it's important to consider any exit fees, changes to your insurance cover or loss of benefits that may result from closing your other super accounts.

There are no fees charged by APSS to transfer super into your APSS account.