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Crediting Rates

Crediting Rates are used to allocate investment returns to Members Savings and Pension Accounts in the APSS. Crediting Rates for each investment option are declared fortnightly and interim Crediting Rates are generally applied when benefit payments are made.

Your Member Savings Account or Pension Account can be invested in Market Return Member Savings or Cash Return Member Savings, or a combination of both. The Crediting Rates for Market Return Member Savings are determined by reference to the investment returns of the Market Return Portfolio. The Crediting Rates for Cash Return Member Savings are determined by reference to the investment returns of the Cash Portfolio. See the Investment strategy section of this website for more details on the underlying investments for both portfolios.

Historical returns achieved over a specified period may be viewed by using the following tool:

1) Crediting Rates:  
2) Start date:  
3) End date:  
Last Crediting Rate date:  

# Note 1: The end date cannot be later than the date of the last fortnightly declared Crediting Rate. When benefits are paid the returns from the last fortnightly declared Crediting Rate to the date of benefit payment will generally be based on an Interim Crediting Rate. Fortnightly declared Crediting Rates are used for member investment switches.

# Note 2: Cash Return Member Savings were introduced for APSS Rollovers and APSS Pensions from 5 August 2009.

# Note 3: Prior to 1 July 2008, the APSS Rollover and APSS Pension Market Return Member Savings had unit prices rather than Crediting Rates. If you select a start date on or before 30 June 2008, the return shown will reflect the unit prices movements for the period prior to 30 June 2008.

Important Reminder: Past investment returns are not necessarily indicative of future investment returns.

Member Savings Crediting Rates Before 1 July 2007
Before 1 July 2007, Member Savings Crediting Rates were smoothed and declared annually at 30 June each year. Use the following to view smoothed pre-1 July 2007 Crediting Rates, including compound average returns for the 3, 5, 10 and 15 years to 30 June 2007:

Select period:         

Smoothed Crediting Rate was:     23%

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