Finding your lost or unclaimed super

There are billions of dollars in lost super waiting to be claimed in Australia. Some of it may even be yours! To see if you have any lost super, visit the ATO's SuperSeeker search tool.

You'll be asked to enter your personal details including:

  • Tax File Number
  • Name, and
  • Date of birth.

Any matches will be shown and you can then roll these amounts into the APSS by completing the form Transfer other super into the APSS.

You can also use SuperSeeker over the phone by calling 13 28 65.

What is ‘lost’ super?

If you’ve ever changed your name, address or job and your fund hasn’t been able to contact you, you may be listed on the ATO’s lost member register.

What is unclaimed super?

Circumstances in which someone may have unclaimed super include:

  • where a member has reached age 65, hasn’t made any recent contributions and the fund hasn't been able to contact them
  • where the fund can’t contact a beneficiary of a deceased member who hasn’t made any recent contributions
  • a former temporary resident whose visa has expired and who left Australia more than 6 months ago (excluding New Zealand citizens)
  • where the former spouse of a member has become entitled to an amount payable from their spouse’s super due to divorce or relationship breakdown and the fund can’t contact that person
  • certain lost member accounts with small balances or which have been inactive for a prescribed period.