How the APSS works

The APSS is an exclusive super scheme for eligible employees of Australia Post and Associated Employers and their spouses.

The APSS offers three types of super to eligible members: defined benefits, accumulation accounts and pension accounts.

As an employee member, you receive defined benefit super and belong to either the 14.3%, SG or CSS Defined Benefit membership category - depending on your employment status.

In addition to defined benefit entitlements, employee members have the option to boost their super by making personal contributions into a Member Savings Account, with flexible investment choices. Member Savings is an accumulation style super account that lets you:

  • Save your own money in the fund or transfer or rollover money from other super funds into the APSS with an Employee Account.
  • Provide super for your spouse with a Spouse Account.
  • Keep your money in the APSS after you leave Australia Post or an Associated Employer with a Rollover Account.

The APSS also allows you to transfer some of your super into a Pension Account once you reach your preservation age.

Click the graphic below to view APSS benefits at a glance.

How the APSS works