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If you would like to continue your APSS membership after leaving employment with Australia Post or an Associated Employer, you can learn more by reading:

Your Member Savings PDS Guide to your Member Savings
Your APSS Pension Leaving Employment fact sheet


Leaving employment

If you are an employee member, when you cease employment with Australia Post or an Associated Employer you can:

  • Continue your APSS membership by:

    o   Transferring your benefits to the APSS Rollover Account 
    o   Take your retirement benefit in the form of an APSS Pension (if eligible). 


  • Leave the APSS by transferring your benefits to another superannuation fund or taking the benefits in cash (if eligible under preservation rules)

The same options are available to a spouse member whose spouse has ceased employment with Australia Post or an Associated Employer.

If you want to stay in the APSS - you need to let us know!

Once your employer notifies the APSS of your leaving and provides all the necessary information about your service, we will send you an estimate of your super benefit together with a Benefit Payment Direction Form. You will need to complete and return this form within 60 days, for us to act on your instructions.

If we do not hear from you within 60 days of ceasing employment, your benefit will be automatically transferred as soon as practicable to the AMP Eligible Rollover Fund (ERF). An ERF is a regulated super fund or approved deposit fund which is eligible to receive benefits automatically rolled over from other superannuation funds.

If your entire benefit is transferred to the AMP ERF, you will cease to be a member of the APSS and the Trustee will cease to be responsible for administering and paying your benefit. You will need to contact the AMP ERF in order to access your superannuation.

The AMP ERF used by APSS provides a capital guarantee that ensures that returns will never be negative. No insurance cover for death or disablement benefits is provided.

Once your entire benefit is rolled over to an ERF, benefits can be transferred to another superannuation fund or cashed out (if eligible under preservation rules) but cannot be transferred back into the APSS. Please be aware that ERFs are not generally considered suitable for investment over the longer term. This is because ERFs invest in assets that do not have much potential for long term growth.

The contact details for the ERF used by the APSS are:
AMP* Eligible Rollover Fund
Locked Bag 300, , Parramatta, NSW, 2124
Phone: 131267 Fax: 1300 301267
Online: amp.com.au/erf
*Registered trademark of AMP Limited ABN 49 079 354 519.

If you require further information, you should contact the ERF directly.