Need advice?

Members can access free general advice by contacting SuperPhone 1300 360 373. However, our service representatives are not licensed to provide personalised advice.

If you would like additional or personalised financial advice, you are free to choose any financial planner you want.

The APSS Trustee has a relationship with State Super Financial Services Australia Limited, trading as ‘StatePlus’ (StatePlus), who are a licensed financial planning group (ABN 86 003 742 756, AFS Licence No. 238430). General advice is available over the phone or at a face to face appointment with a StatePlus financial planner at a location convenient to you. These services are particularly valuable for those considering retirement, resignation or redundancy. This initial consultation is provided without cost or obligation by StatePlus. To access these services, call 1800 620 305. If using this service, remember that StatePlus is responsible for the advice given to APSS members under this arrangement.


Making contributions

If you have a Member Savings account, you can make personal contributions either before-tax (concessional contributions) or after-tax (non-concessional contributions) to boost your super savings.

To make personal contributions into a Member Savings account, you must generally be under age 65. After-tax contributions can only be accepted if you have provided APSS with your Tax File Number (TFN).

You may also be able to contribute past age 65 if you are employed in the paid workforce on at least a part-time basis (i.e. at least 40 hours in a period of 30 consecutive days during the most recent financial year).

BPAY your personal after-tax contributions

To transfer money to your APSS Member Savings account using BPAY, contact your bank and provide the APSS BPAY biller code (237628), and your unique Customer Reference Number (CRN).To obtain your unique CRN, you can either call SuperPhone on 1300 360 373 or login to your APSS account, click on BPAY and your unique details will be shown on screen.

There is a maximum BPAY transaction of $100,000 per day, and BPay payments may take up to three business days to process.

BPAY is not available to Pension members or for employee members wishing to make before-tax (salary sacrifice) payments.

Contribution limits

There are limits on the amount you can contribute to your super without potentially paying extra tax. Different limits and tax consequences apply, depending on the type of contribution and your age. If you are considering making personal contributions to your super, please be very careful of exceeding these annual limits. Defined benefit members should be aware that the notional amount their employer contributes to fund their APSS defined benefit each year will count towards the applicable limit. For more information see contributions limits.