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Risk and Return

When choosing an investment option, or combination of options, it’s important
to understand how the level of investment risk and potential level of investment return for each option might impact on your account balance in the short term
and long term:

  • Investment options with a higher level of investment risk (e.g. Market Return Member Savings) might fluctuate in value (positively or negatively) in the short term but have the potential for higher average investment returns in the long term.
  • Investment options with lower levels of investment risk (e.g. Cash Return Member Savings) are more likely to have more consistent returns in the short term but lower potential average returns in the long term.


Making your choice

The APSS provides investment choice for any Member Savings (Employee, Spouse, and Rollover Accounts) as well as for APSS Pension Accounts. Investment choice is not available for APSS Defined Benefits as these are not affected by investment performance. This is because defined benefits are calculated using a formula based on contribution rates, salary and years of service. It is your employer who bears the risk of investment returns to fund the defined benefits.

What are my investment options?

You can choose between two investment options for your Member Savings and Pension Accounts (or a combination of both investment options):

  • Market Return Member Savings; or
  • Cash Return Member Savings.

What happens if I don't make a choice?

If you do not make a choice for contributions made to your Member Savings account, the following default options will apply until you tell us otherwise:

  • Employee and Spouse Accounts - Cash Return Member Savings
  • Pension and Rollover Accounts - Market Return Member Savings.

Spouse and Rollover members must have selected their chosen investment option(s) for the contributions to their Spouse or Rollover Account before APSS can accept these contributions.

We do not make any representations about whether the default options are the most appropriate option for you. You should consider your own situation and decide which option is best for you. Before making any investment decisions, we recommend that you consider your personal situation and seek licensed financial advice.

How do I change my investment choice?

It’s easy to make or change your investment choice. If you do decide to make or change your investment options, you can do so by logging into your account online via Member login or by completing a Change your investment choice form.

Before making or changing your investment choice you should read:

Please carefully consider each investment option and make sure any choices you make are suited to your personal circumstances. You may also wish to seek licensed financial advice before finalising any investment decision.