MySuper membership

MySuper is an Australian Government super reform designed to allow super funds to provide a ‘simple super’ product to members. You are classified as an APSS MySuper member if your Rollover Account is invested 100% in the Market Return option from 26 June to 30 June, and/or in the Balanced option from 1 July 2017. Being a MySuper member does not fundamentally change the way your super investment in the APSS works. It just means we must, by law, disclose things to you in a specific, prescribed way – for example, giving you access to the MySuper dashboard, and you must automatically receive a minimum level of insurance (which you can opt out of or increase if you wish).


Rollover Account

Leaving employment does not have to mean leaving the APSS. You can keep your money in the APSS by opening an APSS Rollover Account

Any employee or spouse member can do this, generally within 60 days of leaving employment or ceasing to be an eligible spouse

Types of contributions

Contributions to your Rollover Account can include:

  • After-tax contributions.
  • Personal before-tax contributions by the rollover member (if intending to claim a tax deduction for the contribution).
  • Government co-contributions (if eligible).
  • Rollover amounts transferred from other superannuation funds.

Your new (third party) employer cannot make employer contributions into your Rollover Account and you can’t make salary sacrifice contributions from your before-tax pay into it either.