Key features
  • No administration costs are incorporated into this formula.
  • No investment risk from APSS’s investment performance.
  • As Superannuation Salary and service increase so too does the value of the super benefit.
Important reminders
  • Your Defined Benefit is subject to a minimum to ensure the benefit meets the Superannuation Guarantee requirements.
  • The APSS deducts the balance of any offset accounts established for you from your benefit when it becomes payable.
  • Different defined benefit entitlements apply to employee members who have exercised Choice of Fund and 'opted out' of the APSS.
  • Special rules apply during periods of employer-approved leave without pay.

SG Defined Benefit

(Formerly known as 9% Defined Benefit)

This category of membership provides eligible members with a defined benefit with accrual rates in line with the Superannuation Guarantee and includes death benefits in addition to retirement / leaving service benefits.

Defined Benefit (retirement / leaving service)

Applicable SG Accrual Rates X Final Average Salary (FAS) X years of full-time service with Australia Post or your Associated Employer.

Part-time service
Adjustments to your Defined Benefit are made for any periods of part-time service. During periods of part-time service, your Defined Benefit is calculated using the full-time equivalent of FAS multiplied by your service fraction (that is, your hours of part-time service expressed as a fraction of the hours of full-time service).

TPD Benefit

As an SG Defined Benefit member, you don’t get additional disability benefits in the APSS.

Death Benefit

You may be eligible for an additional lump sum death benefit if you die while you are employed by Australia Post or an Associated Employer. Australia Post or your Associated Employer meets the cost of the death benefit that is calculated in accordance with the table below.

Age Death Benefit
19 or under Nil
from 20 to 34 $50,000
from 35 to 39 $35,000
from 40 to 44 $20,000
from 45 to 49 $14,000
from 50 to 55 $7,000
56 or more Nil