Need advice?

Members can access free general advice by contacting SuperPhone 1300 360 373. However, our service representatives are not licensed to provide personalised advice.

If you would like additional or personalised financial advice, you are free to choose any financial planner you want.

The APSS Trustee has a relationship with State Super Financial Services Australia Limited, trading as ‘StatePlus’ (StatePlus), who are a licensed financial planning group (ABN 86 003 742 756, AFS Licence No. 238430). General advice is available over the phone or at a face to face appointment with a StatePlus financial planner at a location convenient to you. These services are particularly valuable for those considering retirement, resignation or redundancy. This initial consultation is provided without cost or obligation by StatePlus. To access these services, call 1800 620 305. If using this service, remember that StatePlus is responsible for the advice given to APSS members under this arrangement.


Contribution splitting

If you want to make contributions for your spouse before tax by ‘contribution splitting’, download and complete the Make a Spouse Account Contribution form.

You can apply to split contributions regardless of your own age, but your spouse must be either:

  • under their preservation age - regardless of whether they’re working or not, or
  • aged between their preservation age and 64 years old and have not permanently retired.

Your spouse can’t receive split contributions if they are aged 65 or over.

You can only split contributions with a person who meets the definition of 'spouse'.