Splitting your contributions

As an APSS member, in certain circumstances you may be able to split certain before-tax (concessional) contributions across two APSS accounts - yours, and your spouse’s. There may be advantages for couples who use this strategy, although we recommend you get financial advice before you make any decisions, because this can be a complex area.

Which contributions can be split?

You can split up to 85% of your before-tax (concessional) contributions for a financial year with your spouse (or up to the concessional contribution limit for the financial year, if this is the lesser amount). After-tax (non-concessional) contributions cannot be split.

You can only split concessional contributions made in the previous financial year, unless you are an employee member who is ceasing employment with Australia Post or your Associated Employer (in which case you may be able to split concessional contributions made in the current financial year).

Why split your contributions?

There are a few reasons why you might choose to split contributions. One of you might have less super coming in because you (or your spouse) might:

  • not work
  • work part-time, or
  • have taken time off work - for example, taken extra parental leave.

If this is the case, contribution splitting could help you (or your spouse) save for retirement. Every couple is different, and has a different set of goals and circumstances. Before making any important decision like this, we strongly recommend you seek advice from a licensed financial adviser.

Who can split contributions?

You can apply to split contributions regardless of your own age, but your spouse receiving the extra contributions must be either:

  • under their preservation age - regardless of whether they’re working or not, or
  • aged between their preservation age and 64 years old and have not permanently retired.

Your spouse can’t receive split contributions if they are aged 65 or over. You can only split contributions with a person who meets the definition of 'spouse'.

Start splitting your contributions

If you’d like to apply for contribution splitting, download and complete the Split contributions with your spouse form.