Super basics

Superannuation or ‘super’ as it’s commonly referred to is a valuable financial asset that could very well become the main source of the income you will rely on when you’re in retirement. So it’s very important to understand and take an interest in your super.

Two websites provide independent, easy-to-understand information about super and how it works – check out the:

  • Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia’s Super Guru site.
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s Moneysmart site.

Defined benefits

If you come across information on these or other sites about defined benefit funds, remember that the information is only general and cannot describe how every defined benefit fund works. You may, for example, read that defined benefits depend on how much your employer contributes and how much extra you contribute. In the APSS, defined benefits have nothing to do with such contributions. So, for information specifically about how defined benefits work in the APSS, it’s always best refer to the employee members section of this website and your Product Disclosure Statement.