The Trustee

The Trustee is the legal entity responsible for operating a superannuation fund. Your Trustee is required to act in good faith and in the best interests of members, and operate in accordance with the APSS Trust Deed and relevant legislation. The Trustee of the Australia Post Superannuation Scheme (APSS) is PostSuper Pty Limited (ABN 85 064 225 841), which was set up specifically to act as trustee for the APSS. The Trustee does not act as trustee for any other superannuation scheme.

The Trustee is a corporate trustee, with a board comprising three member representative directors and three employer-appointed directors. These directors, together, appoint a seventh Independent Director who is also Chairman of the Trustee.

There’s more detailed information in the APSS Governance section, under the heading ‘Our Trustee Board.’

The current directors are:

Independent Director and Chairman

Mark Birrell
Appointed by all other directors

Member Representative Directors

Gregory Rayner
Appointed by the Communications Electrical Plumbing Union of Australia (CEPU)

Bryan Watkins
Appointed by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)

Michael Tull
Appointed by the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU)

Employer Representative Directors

James Marshall
Appointed by Australia Post

Michael Tenace
Appointed by Australia Post

Christopher Blake
Appointed by Australia Post

Appointment and removal of Trustee Directors

All directors are appointed for a term of no more than three years, at which time they are eligible for re-appointment. Rules exist to deal with the process for the appointment and removal of member representative directors. A copy of the rules may be obtained by calling SuperPhone on 1300 360 373 or by clicking here. The three directors appointed by Australia Post may be removed or replaced at any time at Australia Post's discretion or if they resign or retire. For an independent director to be removed or replaced, a two-thirds majority of directors must pass a resolution. The Independent Director may also resign or retire at any time.

Trustee indemnity insurance

Indemnity insurance has been taken out to protect the Trustee directors and their officers against certain financial losses arising from claims that may be lodged against the Trustee. The cost of this insurance is effectively borne by Australia Post and the Associated Employers through their contribution obligations to the APSS.

Trustee Committees

The Trustee has established four Committees to assist it to perform its role:

• Membership Committee
• Audit and Compliance Committee
• Investment Committee
• Remuneration Committee.

The role of each Trustee Committee is to exercise the powers of the Trustee in respect of the functions delegated to that Committee. However, the Trustee retains ultimate legal responsibility in respect of all matters delegated to the Committees.