Remember, limited services apply from 22 April ahead of the APSS merger with Australian Retirement Trust on 30 April.

The APSS is an exclusive super scheme for eligible employees of Australia Post and Associated Employers and their spouses. APSS membership can continue post employment by opening an APSS Rollover Account, or starting an APSS Pension.

Employee members

Your APSS super is made up of a Defined Benefit financed by your employer. Investment returns do not affect this part of your benefit. Your defined benefit is calculated by applying a percentage based on length of service to your Final Average Salary (FAS).

In addition, you have the choice of opening an APSS Member Savings account (your ‘Employee Account’) where you can direct your personal contributions (if any) or transfers from other super funds.

Spouse and Rollover accounts

You can be a spouse member of the APSS if your employee member partner has opened a Member Savings account in your name. This is called an APSS ‘ Spouse Account.

Both spouse and employee members can keep money in the APSS by opening an APSS Rollover Account; for example, when the employee member leaves employment or if the spouse member is no longer eligible to have a Spouse Account.

APSS Pension

The APSS Pension enables you to continue your APSS membership when you retire, potentially for the rest of your life. You can also use the APSS Pension as part of a transition to retirement strategy.