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The Government provides a range of tax concessions and incentives through superannuation. There are two things every super fund member can do to ensure they don’t pay any more super tax than they need to:

  • Provide a Tax File Number. LoginOpens in new window and check your membership details to see if your TFN is ‘supplied’ or just call SuperPhone 1300 360 373. If you haven’t provided it then complete and return the Provide your Tax File NumberOpens in new window form.
  • Keep an eye on your contributions and account balances. Make sure you don’t breach any limits or caps that trigger higher rates of tax. Refer to our How super is taxed fact sheet details.

Of course, the tax system is complex and often changing. Different rules apply at different stages of your life, and depend on how much you earn, how much super you have already saved and other personal circumstances.

You should therefore read the relevant tax section in the Product Disclosure Statement for your membership category, and also consider seeking professional taxation advice.