Remember, limited services apply from 22 April ahead of the APSS merger with Australian Retirement Trust on 30 April.

There are billions of dollars in lost superOpens in new window waiting to be claimed in Australia. Some of it might be yours!

If you’ve ever changed your name, address or job and your previous fund/s can’t contact you, you may have money held by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), which could be counted among this lost or unclaimed money.

You can authorise the APSS to use your Tax File Number (TFN) to search on your behalf for any lost super you may have.

Just loginOpens in new window and click the button on the right of the screen to 'Find lost super' or click on the 'Member' tab in the main menu and select 'Personal Details'. Either way, you should get to 'Your personal details'. Then check under the 'Membership details' sub heading to see if you’ve selected ‘Yes’ to finding lost super.

If you have selected 'Yes', then any lost super held with the ATO in your name will be automatically transferred into the APSS and you don’t have to do anything. If it's a 'No' to finding lost super and you want to authorise us to search for it on your behalf, then click the 'update' link and follow the prompts to change it to a 'Yes'. Please allow up to 8 weeks for the search to be conducted. 

Be aware that our search for lost super may also locate other super you may have outside the APSS. If this happens, we will notify you by mail to let you know. We won't transfer it automatically as with any lost or unclaimed super we uncover. If you then want to transfer this other money into the APSS loginOpens in new window to you account and click 'Consolidate Super' on the dashboard home page.

How people 'lose' super

Super benefits are often unclaimed and become lost:

  • where a member has reached age 65, hasn’t made any recent contributions and the fund hasn't been able to contact them
  • where the fund can’t contact a beneficiary of a deceased member who hasn’t made any recent contributions
  • six months or more after a former temporary resident has left Australia following their visa expiry (excludes New Zealand citizens)
  • where the former spouse of a member has become entitled to an amount payable from their spouse’s super due to divorce or relationship breakdown and the fund can’t contact that person
  • where the super account has a small balance and/or an prescribed period of inactivity.