The APSS is exploring a potential merger. Learn more.

Safeguarding your super


'Trust' and 'Safety' are cornerstones of Australia Post's corporate values. They are also values shared by everyone involved in operating your APSS super. In this edition of Insight, we take you behind the scenes to explain the structures, checks and balances within both the APSS and our potential merger partner to safeguard your retirement benefits. You will also find an update on our planning around the potential merger next year, and developments at Sunsuper, the leading super fund that we're exploring the merger with.There's information on the increased super contribution limits in the 2021-22 financial year, an update for Rollover and Spouse members planning to apply for additional insurance; and a reminder for all members about the importance of having up-to-date beneficiary nominations.

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Formula 1: APSS Defined Benefits

The main super benefit for APSS employee members is the APSS Defined Benefit. Unlike other super benefits, a defined benefit is determined by a formula rather than the performance of investment markets (and there are no fees), as explained in this fact sheet.

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Accumulating super

APSS Member Savings accounts, including Spouse and Rollover accounts, are designed to help you accumulate super over time by adding and investing your own super savings. They work a bit like a bank account but with some important differences as explained in this fact sheet.

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Flexible retirement income

What do you do with your super when you retire? In this fact sheet, we look at how APSS Pension accounts can turn your super into a flexible retirement income stream, and consider how much retirement income you might actually need. 

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