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If you have an APSS Member Savings or Pension account, you have a range of four investment options to choose from, catering to different risk/return expectations.

Your investment choices are the Cash, Conservative, Balanced and High Growth options. If you don’t make an active choice, then we invest it for you in the Balanced (MySuper) option.

You can pick one or a combination of these options. You can also choose one strategy for your existing balance, and make another choice for your future contributions.

Note: These investment options are not relevant to the APSS Defined Benefits that employee members are entitled to, which are determined by a formula rather than investment performance. When it comes to defined benefits it’s only your employer, not you, that has to think about investment performance because it is your employer who bears the investment risk of the underlying portfolio that funds your APSS Defined Benefit.

Which option/s should I choose?

The answer to this question is one that only you can answer. To help you, we suggest you:

  • Read the information on investment choices in the relevant product disclosure for you.
  • Seek professional financial advice.

How do I make or change my investment choice?

  • LoginOpens in new window to your account – this is the fastest, most efficient way to make or change your investment choice.
  • Alternatively, you can also print a form to change your investment choice. Be sure to print the relevant form as there is a separate version of this form if you have an APSS Pension.

The information contained on this website is of a general nature only and is not tailored to your personal circumstances. Before making any decision about your super in the APSS, you should obtain independent advice that takes into account your particular circumstances. You should also consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available in the Product disclosure section of this website. You should also check any relevant information sent to you by the Trustee of the APSS, PostSuper Pty Ltd (PostSuper). PostSuper is not licensed to provide you with financial product advice.