Remember, limited services apply from 22 April ahead of the APSS merger with Australian Retirement Trust on 30 April.

15 December 2017

SuperPhone holiday schedule

SuperPhone will close at 3pm (Sydney time) on Fridays 22 and 29 December 2017, and won't be open on the public holidays. Here are the holiday operating hours:

Friday 22 December 2017: 9am-3pm
Christmas & Boxing Days: Closed
Wednesday 27 December 2017: 9am-5.30pm
Thursday 28 December 2017: 9am-5.30pm
Friday 29 December 2017: 9am-3pm
New Year's Day: Closed
Tuesday 2 January 2018: Normal hours resume (9am-5.30pm)

16 November 2017

2017 Benefit Statements

Most 2017 Benefit Statements have now been mailed out to members. LoginOpens in new window to MemberAccess to download your copy or call SuperPhone on 1300 360 373 if you need another hard copy mailed to you. Take time to review your statement to ensure that all of your details are up to date and appropriate, including your beneficiaries and investment options.

Remember that your statement is a snapshot of your APSS benefits based on 30 June 2017 information the Trustee has about you. It is subject to change, and your current and final APSS benefits will certainly be different to those shown on your statement. To get an estimate of your current benefit on any day, once again, just LoginOpens in new window to MemberAccess, or you can call SuperPhone on 1300 360 373.

Your statement forms `Part 1' of your annual `Periodic Statement'. For `Part 2', download the 2017 Annual ReportOpens in new window. If you have any questions about your statement, please contact usOpens in new window or call SuperPhone."

30 October 2017

Supercharge your super

How you invest your super is important. The investment choice you make today could mean a difference of many thousands of dollars in your future. The younger you are, the greater your opportunity to 'supercharge' your super. The latest edition of your quarterly Insight newsletterOpens in new window explains more, and provides an investment update on all of your investment options to the end of the September 2017 quarter.

31 July 2017

Insight into super fund fees and more

When super fund fees fall under the media spotlight, it's often to question how fair they are, and whether they take too big a cut from Australia's retirement savings. It can be an emotional topic and open to misinterpretation. In the latest issue of your quarterly Insight newsletter we cast our own spotlight on super fund fees to help you understand why fees are a 'necessary evil' and how they work in the APSS. This latest issue also provides an important update for Pension members viewing their transactions online, and our investment update for the quarter to 30 June 2017.
Read moreOpens in new window.

3 July 2017

Investment options now available

You can now select from your new range of four new investment options. LoginOpens in new window now to choose the right investment option for you.

19 June 2017

Looking to make an investment switch between 23 June and 3 July?

Investment switching in the Cash Return and Market Return investment options will close Friday 23 June as we get ready to offer you a new range of four options. LoginOpens in new window from Monday 3 -7 July if you would like to make your investment switch in the four new optionsOpens in new window effective from 12 July 2017. You have the flexibility to make another switch every fortnight after that.

8 May 2017

Limited website access during May/June

We're upgrading our administration systems in May/June as part of our ongoing commitment to delivering an even better service to members in the new financial year starting 1 July. As we upgrade, please understand that some parts of this website may be down at certain times so that we can properly check, test and implement new features. We can, for example, inform you in advance that you won't be able to loginOpens in new window from 18 - 23 May. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience and trust you can plan around it. If you do need something you can't access during the upgrade period, please call SuperPhone 1300 360 373.

21 April 2017

Coming soon - More investment choice for your APSS member savings

Choosing how much you save in super and how you invest those 'member savings' are important decisions. We want to ensure that you have a good range of choices and are equipped to make the right investment choice, the choice that's best for you. This is why we are introducing a new range of four investment options, and have created in new window to provide updates and other resources to help you make an informed choice. Read moreOpens in new window.

21 April 2017

Updates for Spouse, Rollover and Pension members

Along with the news of a new range of investment choices coming soon (see above), we sent a Significant Event Notice (SENOpens in new window) to non-employee Spouse, Rollover and Pension members about a new administration feeOpens in new window starting on 1 July 2017. This will be a fixed fee of $1.50 per week per account, plus 0.12% each year based on the balance of each non-employee member's APSS account (calculated and charged to each account monthly as at the last Friday of each month). Finally, the SEN informed Spouse and Rollover members under age 65 about the automatic insurance cover they may be eligible for in case of death, TPD or terminal illness from 26 June 2017. An enclosed fact sheetOpens in new window provided these Spouse and Rollover members with more details.

31 January 2017

Make 2017 a super year

Discover how to use your New Year's resolutions to boost your savings in super, learn about changes to super laws coming in from 1 July, and get an update on APSS investments for the last quarter in the latest editionOpens in new window of the Insight newsletterOpens in new window for members.

27 January 2017

Government’s super tax changes passed into law

At the end of November last year, the government passed legislation to implement a range of superannuation tax reforms. Generally, the changes apply from 1 July 2017. For a summary of the laws and how they might affect APSS members, refer to pages 4 and 5 of the latest editionOpens in new window of the Insight newsletterOpens in new window for members.

18 January 2017

Product disclosure update

We have updated our Product Disclosure Statements (PDSs). There are three PDSs - one for Employee members, one for Pension members, and another for Spouse and Rollover members (with an accompanying guide). Go to Product disclosureOpens in new window.