Remember, limited services apply from 22 April ahead of the APSS merger with Australian Retirement Trust on 30 April.

28 October 2019

Sailing into the wind: Navigating a challenging investment outlook

Financial markets are facing into headwinds, which may mean lower investment returns over the next five to ten years, compared with the returns achieved in the last decade.

Navigating a course into and through these headwinds is a top-of-mind priority for our investment managers right now, but what can
you do about them as a super fund member?

In the latest edition of your member newsletter, Insight, we consider what's given rise to these conditions and what to think about to provision for your future.

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21 August 2019

Annual Report 2019

Your Annual Report is your yearly update on the investment performance, management and financials of the APSS, and progress made towards achieving the strategic objectives set by the APSS Trustee during the last financial year. Your latest report, for the year ending 30 June 2019 (2018-19), is now available.

You may wish to read your Annual Report in advance of receiving your annual benefit statement. These are currently scheduled to be sent to you from late August (for Pension members) and throughout September for most other members.

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25 July 2019

One small step...

Superannuation can be complex but if we strip it back to basics, it’s really not rocket science. Just one small step today can put your super on a trajectory to helping you achieve a successful, financially-secure retirement.

In the latest issue of your quarterly member newsletterOpens in new window  Insight, we give you a handy countdown of 10 things you could do in the coming 2019-20 financial year to help your super really ‘lift off’.

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29 April 2019

Get an insight into the insurance cover provided through the APSS and new laws that may impact your insurance and/or APSS membership

In the latest edition of your member newsletter Insight (covering the three months to 31 March 2019), we go ‘back to basics’ to explain the types of insurance cover provided through the APSS for different members. Importantly, if you are a Spouse or Rollover member, we discuss what to do to keep your insurance cover if your account is classified as 'inactive' under the Government’s recently-legislated ‘Protecting Your Super’ package. 

If you do have an inactive account, you might automatically lose your insurance cover from as early as 1 July 2019 unless you do something. Also, you could lose your APSS membership from as early as 31 October 2019 if you've got an account balance of less than $6,000. We have written to members who may be affected. See pages 4-5 of your latest Insight member newsletter for more details on these important developments.  

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4 March 2019

We've turfed the ERF

It’s now easier to hold on to your APSS membership when you cease employment at Australia Post or an Associated Employer, or cease to be eligible to operate an APSS Spouse Account. 

A new process started from 1 March 2019 that ensures you don’t unintentionally lose your APSS membership before you’re ready to make that choice yourself. Under this new process, if you do not provide us with instructions about what you want to do with your APSS benefit within 60 days of us writing to you after you’ve left or ceased to be an eligible spouse, then your APSS benefit is automatically transferred to an APSS Rollover Account as soon as practicable after the 60th day. Under the old process, your benefit would be transferred to the AMP Eligible Rollover Fund (the ERF) after the 60th day. If that happened, you would’ve been blocked from ever re-joining the APSS. So, by ‘turfing the ERF’ and implementing this new process, we’ve ensured you don’t unintentionally lose your APSS membership before you’re ready to make that choice yourself.

A letter with more details along with relevant product disclosure information will be sent to you when, in the future, you cease employment at Australia Post or an Associated Employer, or your membership as a spouse must come to an end. If you would like more information about the APSS Rollover Account, including the current fees and costs that apply, please download the Your Member Savings PDS for Spouse and Rollover members and its accompanying Guide to Your Member Savings, which you can find in the Product disclosure section of this website. Alternatively, call us on 1300 360 373 if you have any questions.

30 January 2019

Your member newsletter - December 2018 edition 

What do you do with your super when you retire? In the latest edition of your member newsletter Insight, we look at how APSS Pension accounts can turn your super into a flexible retirement income stream, and consider how much retirement income you might actually need. Other articles provide interesting reading for those contributing to their super, those wanting help to track down 'lost super' and those of you who want more insight into the underlying investments and investment performance of the APSS. If you're interested in investment performance, be sure to read the 'Behind the numbers' section to better understand some of the key economic and market influences on recent investment performance. 

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