Remember, limited services apply from 22 April ahead of the APSS merger with Australian Retirement Trust on 30 April.

APSS Rollover Accounts enable you to keep your APSS membership after leaving employment at Australia Post or an Associated Employer, or when you cease to be eligible to operate an APSS Spouse Account.

APSS Rollover Accounts also ensure you don’t accidentally lose your APSS membership if you forget or don’t get around to providing instructions to the APSS about what you wish to do with your super in those circumstances.

The Your Member Savings Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), together with the Guide to Your Member Savings that accompanies it, has all the details about becoming a Rollover member. Go to Product disclosure to download these documents

Types of contributions

Contributions to your Rollover Account can include:

  • After-tax contributions.
  • Personal before-tax contributions by the rollover member (if intending to claim a tax deduction for the contribution).
  • Government co-contributions (if eligible).
  • Rollover amounts transferred from other superannuation funds.

Your new (third party) employer cannot make employer contributions into your Rollover Account and you can’t make salary sacrifice contributions from your before-tax pay into it either.