Your 2013 Annual Member Statements are now available:

Part 1: Contains your personalised Benefit Statement available in the secured section of the website.

Part 2: Contains the 2013 Annual Report for all members Click here.

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Are you leaving employment?

Did you know you can retain your super and enjoy the benefits of remaining in the APSS even after you leave employment? Simply let us know within 60 days of the APSS writing to you, by reading the PDS A Guide to your Member Savings at a glance and then completing and returning the required forms. Call SuperPhone on 1300 360 373 to have a copy of the PDS mailed to you.

APSS Membership

From 1 July 2012, Australia Post and some Associated Employers will no longer be offering Membership of the APSS to new employees. Instead, new employees will be offered super benefits outside the APSS. If you are an existing APSS Member, this decision does not change your existing APSS benefits.

APSS membership is exclusive to:

No APSS members pay administration fees. This is because Australia Post and Associated Employers pay these fees for you. However, management and transaction costs are deducted from the assets of the APSS before Crediting Rates are declared.

This section details the different types of APSS benefits that apply to each membership group.