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Fact sheets are designed to help you with specific topics. Click on the links in the table below to download a fact sheet, including translated versions (where available). If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or need more help, please call SuperPhone on 1300 360 373.

Fact Sheets Translations
Investment basicsOpens in new window
Accumulating super: How APSS Member Savings accounts workOpens in new window
Flexible retirement  income: How APSS Pension accounts workOpens in new window
Getting ready for retirementOpens in new window
Choosing your beneficiariesOpens in new window ChineseOpens in new window VietnameseOpens in new window TagalogOpens in new window
Providing proof of identity Opens in new window
Leaving EmploymentOpens in new window
Guide to Family Law and superOpens in new window
Insurance in Superannuation Voluntary Code of Practice Transition PlanOpens in new window
Employee members
How does an APSS Defined Benefit work?Opens in new window
Making a Death Benefit claimOpens in new window
Making a claim for Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD)Opens in new window
Your super salaryOpens in new window
Using your APSS Defined Benefit to transition to retirement (Offset Accounts)Opens in new window
Spouse and Rollover members' insurance
Insurance in superannuation - Key facts for Spouse & Rollover membersOpens in new window
Want more details on insurance for Spouse and Rollover members? Please read the section on 'Your insurance cover and choices' in the Guide to your Member Savings that can be downloaded from the product disclosureOpens in new window page.
Making an insurance claimOpens in new window
Super taxes
How super is taxed in 2020-21Opens in new window