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Insight - December 2021

Preparing for takeoff in 2022

In March 2021, we announced we had entered an agreement with Sunsuper to explore a potential merger this year, in 2022. Sunsuper itself has progressed towards a merger with another major fund, QSuper, and announced last December that the new fund would be named Australian Retirement Trust, becoming one of the biggest super funds in Australia with over $200 billion in combined assets. As we have stated, our merger with Sunsuper (which is now expected to be with Australian Retirement Trust) will only proceed if confirmed to be in the best financial interests of APSS members. Like an aircraft being prepared for flight, the fine details must first be thoroughly checked and tested and the route precisely mapped before announcing take-off! Read about this and more in the latest edition of your member newsletter Insight.

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Please note that this archive is provided as a historical record of APSS member newsletters, and certain information in the following archived issues will now be out of date. Please refer to the product disclosureOpens in new window and fact sheetsOpens in new window sections of this website for current information. 
Insight - September 2021Opens in new window

So, what are your plans after work? - In this edition of Insight we describe how a typical APSS member, aged 56, could work up a financial plan to retire in nine years’ time at age 65. There’s an article on sustainability, which continues to shape the agenda for all investors, including super funds like the APSS, plus the usual investment round up (to the end of the September 2021 quarter) and more.

Insight - June 2021Opens in new window
Safeguarding your super - 'Trust' and 'Safety' are cornerstones of Australia Post's corporate values. They are also values shared by everyone involved in operating your APSS super. In this edition of Insight, we looked behind the scenes to explain the structures, checks and balances within both the APSS and our potential fund merger partner to safeguard your retirement benefits. We updated you on our planning around the potential fund merger in 2022, and developments at Sunsuper, the super fund that we're exploring the merger with.There was also information on the increased super contribution limits in the 2021-22 financial year, an update for Rollover and Spouse members planning to apply for additional insurance; and a reminder for all members about the importance of having up-to-date beneficiary nominations. 
Insight - March 2021Opens in new window
Powering your super - On 26 March 2021, we announced that we had entered into a non-binding agreement with one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing super funds, Sunsuper, to explore a potential merger. This edition of Insight provided some background about how and why the APSS was exploring this potential merger. 
Insight - December 2020Opens in new window
Take control of your super in 2021 - In this edition of Insight, we looked at some ways to take control of your super in 2021, especially if it had taken a backward step in 2020, a very challenging year disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Insight - September 2020Opens in new window
Sustainability and your super - For super funds, the goal of achieving the best possible financial outcomes for members increasingly means giving careful thought to the environmental and social, as well as economic, sustainability of their investments.This edition of Insight looked at how sustainability is shaping the agenda for all investors, including super funds like the APSS.
Insight - June 2020Opens in new window
Think twice - Spotting a super scam  - Your super is a valuable asset, perhaps second only to the value of your home, so it’s important to keep it safe. If a stranger comes to your home and asks to be let in, you would naturally think twice before unlocking the door. With your super, you also need to think twice. In this edition Insight we offered some useful tips on what to look for to avoid scams and when to be extra vigilant. 
Insight - March 2020Opens in new window
A COVID-19 Insight - The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic profoundly affected lives and livelihoods in communities around the world. Superannuation was not been spared from the stresses and demands brought on by the pandemic. In this edition of your member newsletter, Insight, we looked at some of the ways the APSS responded to navigate a course through that extraordinary time, with answers to frequently asked questions.
Insight - Dec 2019Opens in new window
Investment basics - A new year is always a good time to review the investment choices you have made for your super and make adjustments if necessary, but what exactly should you think about? In this first edition of your member newsletter to be published in 2020, we get back to the basics of investing so you can make better-informed investment choices in the coming decade.
Insight - Sep 2019Opens in new window
Sailing into the wind - Financial markets are facing into headwinds, which may mean lower investment returns over the next five to ten years, compared with the returns achieved in the decade to the end of 2019. In this edition of Insight, we looked at what it takes to navigate this challenging investment outlook.
Insight - Jun 2019Opens in new window
One small step - A handy countdown of 10 things you can do to help your super really 'lift off' on this 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
Insight - Mar 2019Opens in new window
Are you covered? - A look at important changes to the law affecting insurance in super, and what insurance cover is provided through the APSS.
Insight - Dec 2018Opens in new window
Flexible retirement income - How APSS Pension accounts work.
Insight - Sep 2018Opens in new window
Accumulating super - A look at APSS Member Savings accounts including Spouse and Rollover accounts.
Insight - Jun 2018Opens in new window
Formula 1 - Understanding the formula that determines your APSS Defined Benefit.
Insight - Mar 2018Opens in new window
Achieve your personal best - Three questions to help you make more of your super.
Insight - Dec 2017Opens in new window
How your super is invested - Understanding the investment structure of the APSS.
Insight - Sep 2017Opens in new window
Counting the cost of Cash - Understanding the pros and cons of being invested in the APSS Cash option.
Insight - Jun 2017Opens in new window
Super fund fees - Why are they charged and are they fair?
Insight - Mar 2017Opens in new window
The super outlook - Introducing more investment options for your APSS Member Savings from July 2017.
Insight - Dec 2016Opens in new window
A super new year - Tips on healthier approach to super in 2017 and beyond.
Insight - Sep 2016Opens in new window
The changing super landscape - A summary of major changes to super announced in the 2016 Federal Budget.
Insight - Jun 2016Opens in new window
Ensuring your family is looked after - Why it is so important to get your beneficiary nominations in order.
Insight - Mar 2016Opens in new window
Super Basics - Understand the basics to make better super decisions.
Insight - Dec 2015Opens in new window
Super money tips for your retirement - Tips for managing money once you have retired.
Insight - Sep 2015Opens in new window
Super tips for your working 60s - Important considerations about your super when your retirement is imminent.
Insight - Jun 2015Opens in new window
Super tips for your 50s - Retirement may not seem so far away once you're in your fifties. What do you need to consider when you are likely to retire in 10-15 years' time?
Insight - Mar 2015Opens in new window
Super tips for your 40s - You may not have given much thought to super and retirement when you were younger, but you may be starting to consider it more once you're in your forties. If not, you really should start thinking about it now.
Insight - Dec 2014Opens in new window
Are you on a slippery slide? - Chasing past investment returns can be a risky, wild ride.
Insight - Sep 2014Opens in new window
You've got mail! - Around this time of year, we send you your annual benefit statement. Learn more about the important information provided in this annual update on your APSS benefit entitlements.
Insight - Jun 2014Opens in new window
New super rates and limits - A summary of the rates and limits in the 2014-15 financial year. Note that this information is now out of date.
Insight - Mar 2014Opens in new window
The super gap - When it comes to superannuation, women can face additional challenges to building up enough super for retirement.
Insight - Dec 2013Opens in new window
Swing into a super new year - Resolve to get your super together in 2014.
Insight - Sept 2013Opens in new window
Potential changes to super - A look at the super policy of a new Federal Government, elected in September 2013. 
Insight - Jun 2013Opens in new window
Keeping your money in the APSS - Leaving employment at Australia Post or an Associated Employer does not mean you have to leave the APSS. 
Insight - Mar 2013Opens in new window
A change of season - Introducing a new Chairman of the APSS Trustee.
Insight - Dec 2012Opens in new window
Turn over a new leaf - Ten super resolutions to consider for 2013.
Insight - Sep 2012Opens in new window
Welcome to Insight - The first edition!

Before September 2012, investment results and analysis were provided in the APSS Quarterly Investment Updates:

Investment Update June 2012Opens in new window
Investment Update Mar 2012Opens in new window
Investment Update Dec 2011Opens in new window
Investment Update Sept 2011Opens in new window